Press release here from loyal reader Pamela::

The Asheville High School Band has been invited to perform in DC during the Presidential Inauguration Festival this January. On Election Day, Clingman Cafe will be donating 10% of proceeds to help them get there. It is nearly $700 per student, and the band director, Mr. Talley  is DETERMINED not to have anyone left out because of $$. They have been working hard all year… selling things, serving up pancakes, BBQ dinners, you name it. After people vote to send their candidate to Washington, we hope they will come to the Cafe on Election Day to help send the band there too! 🙂

The band is even putting on a 5K (The “Band Aide” Walk/Run/March) on Saturday, November 10th to raise money for the trip. I’ve attached the Clingman event and a 5K Flyer.


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