Well.Fit_Asheville_2013The Ladies Gun Club, a program of Well.Fit Asheville, has been meeting in Pack Square Park for bootcamp style workouts. Loyal reader Teah tells me the program is ramping up – the Ladies Gun Club will start accepting dudes. The next session begins July 29.

More from the Well.Fit blog:

Looks like the sun is coming out just in time for our next Ladies Gun Club, which begins Monday, July 29 and runs through the month of August. If you’re worried about getting off track between now and then, or just want to check it out without committing, check us out NEXT Wednesday, July 24, at Splashville in Pack Square Park downtown. Dudes, even though it’s ‘Ladies Gun Club,’ we’re making it guy friendly for August, so come on out and give it a try next week.

Why are we going Co-ed? Don’t worry ladies! For those of you who really appreciate the ladies-only atmosphere, it’s going to be coming back; we just want guys to have a chance to try it out so we can start working on a co-ed class.

If you plan on bringing a friend for the August series, or you’re a new bootcamper, stay tuned because we’ll be posting incentives for new folks as well as tried-and-true bootcampers on the blog!





  1. So….it’s not an actual “Gun Club”? Lame.

  2. Where is this gun club? Do they have rifle and pistol ranges? What’s the distance of each. How do you join? I had no idea there was a women’s gun club in town.

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