world_cup_2014Asheville tasting rooms and restaurants are preparing for World Cup fever. Four years ago, places like the LAB and Green Man were slammed with soccer-loving fans. Now there are more venues than ever in downtown.

So what are the best places to watch in public? What matches are you looking forward to? Here’s more about ESPN’s World Cup TV schedule:

With the Olympic flame now extinguished in Sochi, Russia, the sporting world turns its attention to Brazil in anticipation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The world’s most popular sporting event is set for June 12–July 13 at 12 venues across the South American country. ESPN will present all 64 matches of the quadrennial tournament and today the entire television schedule — across three networks (ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC) – was announced.

Meantime, to get you in the mood:

Image link for World Cup soccer.



  1. There will be a big screen plus another bar tv, sound and specials at Urban Orchard Cider Co. and Bar in West Asheville. Footie and Asheville craft cider, perfect.

    • We watched the US vs Ghana game at Urban Orchard and had a great time! We’ve also seen a couple games at W.A.L.K.–also an excellent venue.

  2. We’ll be watching some games at the W.A.L.K. in West Asheville… they mentioned that they will have sound and the big screen!

    • Thanks for the shout out Kim!! We will indeed have all the games on the big screen with sound, can’t wait.

  3. Jack of the Wood will have the games on a big projection screen along with food and drink specials. We will be open at noon everyday.

  4. If want to be surrounded by knowledgeable fans, it is an easy call—- Dirty jack’s.

    If want lots of TVs showing the same thing, go somewhere else.

    • luther blissett says:

      And if you can’t decide between Dirty Jack’s or somewhere else with more space and screens and less of a wait at the bar, then go to the other place.

      • Damn, that’s a couple Luther things I’ve agreed with lately.

        Becoming besties.

        • luther blissett says:

          Pretty sure we’ll find something to disagree about soon enough.

          To spell it out: Dirty Jack’s is small and will be packed with people who always go there, especially for the opener and the 6pm kickoffs and the weekend games. The regulars are the kind of people who showed up at 7am for the last World Cup.

          It’s great that Hi-Wire and Pack’s and W.A.L.K. and other places will be joining in, and if you want to sample the Dirty Jack’s atmosphere, the daytime games during the week will be quieter than the evening ones, but if you want some space to breathe and don’t want to wait a while to get served (and longer to use the bathroom) then you’ll be happier somewhere else.

  5. FutbolFreak says:

    What are the best options to see the games AND listen to the game commentary (as opposed to having music play while the games are on, with no volume on the commentary)?

  6. Hi-Wire’s tasting room, of course 😉

    All the games PLUS food PLUS give-always at every game.

    Open this Thursday at 4 for Brazil v Croatia and then every other day from noon on!

  7. Radio Follower says:

    Pack’s Tavern’s South Bar has the “World Cup TV Package”. Eight channels of World Cup matches only.

    • Every game is on ESPN or ABC. Don’t need anything particularly fancy. No more than 2 games are ever on at the same time, and that is, I believe, only the game 3s of the first round.

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