The first issue of Underbelly, a self-described “quarterly magazine of gastronomical journalism,” has been released. It is published by Michael Moore, the founder of the uber-popular Blind Pig underground supper club in Asheville.

From Moore, the associate editor and founder of Underbelly:

This magazine is simply our tribute to every line cook out there that has every busted his or her ass and sat at the end of the night exhausted. T his magazine is about food in which to be passionate about. We tell stories here. There are stories behind everything about food. It involves people, history, culture, science and art. We love food. Let’s write about it. Thanks to all our friends and family that make this possible. Thank you A sheville. We can finally place pork belly, sweetbreads, fried chicken liver and goat on our menus- even on the same plate if we dare. You have arrived. Welcome to Underbelly.




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  1. Any idea where we can pick up an issue?

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