Asheville band stephanie’s id is breaking up; farewell show set for May 1

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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The well-known and beloved Asheville band stephanie’s id, which includes singer Stephanie Morgan, keyboardist (and Morgan’s partner) Chuck Lichtenberger and drummer Tim Haney, has announced that they’ll be playing their last show on May 1 at Diana Wortham Theatre.

In two recent blog posts here and here, Morgan details the extremely personal upheaval that has led to the decision. Click over to read the details. Morgan goes on to thank the band’s loyal fan base, built over 13 years of touring and making music. Morgan says the DWT show on May 1 will be a fitting farewell:

It’s the perfect event for us to all welcome these kids to the world of the performing arts, celebrate the role of art in expressing the wholeness of human life… a time to drop political debates and whatnot to come together to make some music.

Morgan goes on to say that she isn’t finished with music. She’ll continue making music with a band, she says. Here’s more:

My muse is demanding that I take full responsibility for my craft.

Since almost the beginning of stephaniesĭd, I have relied upon other musicians to do some of the work that I don’t like doing but that could make me better at what I do. I say almost, because I did put together the first stephaniesĭd show all on my own, back in 2003. But it was hard, and I made some rookie mistakes. Even though I was working with great musicians, the show was pretty trainwrecky, essentially because I didn’t really know how to lead. …

I have been working toward more confidence in my ability to bring a song to the table and to full manifestation with any set of players. [And I am happy to report that I have just taken a big step with the recording of my solo album! But I can already tell this Part 2 post is gonna be long, so I’ll have to save that topic for Part 3.]

stephanie’s id has been one of Asheville’s highest profile bands over the years, with music appearing in popular television shows and with the band playing with a number of stellar musicians. Here’s more from the band’s website:

stephaniesĭd’s songs have appeared in Sony PlayStation’s horror game Until Dawn, on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, on The Weather Channel, in an award-winning short film called “The Red Helmet”, filmed in Switzerland and traveling the world with the Banff Film Festival; and in a Cesare Paciotti Italian jewelry commercial with supermodels. The band has been covered in Paste, Bust,Blurt, Shuffle, Billboard, Southeast Performer, The Bonnaroo Beacon, and other magazines. “Cinematic” won an award in the International Songwriting Competition. Stephanie has received numerous Regional Artists Grants. Songs have spun on Philadelphia’s WXPN, NYC’s WFUV, NPR’s World Cafe, and many other college and AAA radio stations.

The band is often joined by a changing cast of stellar supporting players, and they love to connect with singers that live in the cities they play. Guest players have included: Justin Ray and Jacob Rodriguez (horns, Michael Buble touring band), Michael Libramento (multi-instrumentalist: Natalie Prass, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Floating Action), Philip Lassiter (former lead trumpeter for Prince), Vic Stafford (percussion/album production, Toubab Krewe, Donna the Buffalo), Georgia Sinko (symphonic cello), Sarah Hurd (symphonic violin), and Caleb McMahon (trombone).

More about the band members:

Stephanie Morgan is a former gymnast and dancer born in Iowa and raised in Colorado and West Texas. Chuck Lichtenberger (keyboards) is a seasoned jazzer, masterful and improvisational on the keys, toggling equal nods to faves Ahmad Jamal and Van Halen. Tim Haney (drums) is a rocker. He’s Irish, loud, and proud, he cusses like a sailor and he knows how to leave space to frame a melody. He’s everyone’s favorite brother.

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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