13 acres in heart of Asheville’s River Arts District under contract to be sold

Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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old_lyman_property_asheville_2015A 13-acre chunk of property in Asheville’s River Arts District is under contract to be sold. GM Property Group has the listing and confirmed Monday that the 339 Old Lyman St. property is under contract. The asking price is $3.995 million.

The site is home to 8 different buildings, including several warehouses. Most of the buildings are covered in street art and murals. The site is also home to a skate park built by local skate board enthusiasts known as the Foundation Spot. Several of the buildings were home to the studios and galleries of working artists. (The buildings included The Tannery studios, Switchyard Studios and space for Terpsicorp dance company.)

The property is behind Riverview Station, which is also filled with artist studios.

Last year, the city of Asheville cut electricity to the site, declaring the buildings unfit for occupancy. Property owner Robert Camille said he was allowing artists to improve the space and occupy the buildings in an effort to give them affordable space to work. Camille told me in December that he was ready to sell the property.

Over the last few years, the pace of change in the River Arts District has been quickening. The city of Asheville is preparing to pump tens of millions of taxpayers’ money into infrastructure improvements in the area, and New Belgium Brewing continues work on its new $175 million East Coast brewery on Craven Street near the RAD.

Here’s the property listing, via Whitney Commercial:339_old_lyman_street_asheville

339 Old Lyman St.

13.13 acres of Land For Sale in Asheville for $3,995,000 ($304,265 / acre)
Unbelievable redevelopment opportunity in the heart of the booming River Arts District! +/-13 acres, great location with existing buildings. Offering comprised of 3 parcels, PINs listed below: 963894628100000 963893975900000 963893676300000 Attached image shows buildings numbered according to key system. Call listing office for access and additional information. Directions: From downtown Asheville, south on Clingman Avenue, right on Lyman, left on Old Lyman Street. Hearing as to commencement of foreclosure proceedings is scheduled for 6-15-2015.



Jason Sandford

Jason Sandford is a reporter, writer, blogger and photographer interested in all things Asheville.

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  1. zen June 11, 2015

    It seems that the 339 Old Layman property sale fell through and the property will go into foreclosure. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Sale on the front of the steps of the City Hall?

  2. Rick April 28, 2015

    Can someone please send Robert Camille a message for me? Thank you for letting my friends and I skateboard on your property. No one ever took it for granted and we did our best to take care of your property. You never asked for a dime from us, only to be respectful. Not many people in this world would give a bunch of skateboarders he never met such responsibility. You helped create friendships that will last a lifetime and helped our scene grow. It is amazing how an abandoned building foundation brought so many people together. We will cherish it while it lasts. Thanks again!

  3. Jen April 28, 2015

    How can they develop this when it is only a few feet above the water level? What is required to build here?

  4. FilmGrl April 28, 2015

    Slowly but surely Asheville is driving everyone that made it Asheville away..and not many even notice. Funny how that works. People have come in from everywhere else and made it theirs, taken it away and turned it into what makes them money. This was one of the last places you could get affordable studio space.
    In 2004 my studio was 200- and it was about 800 sq ft. Find that now.

  5. b.c.w. April 28, 2015

    Find a way to make some of this revitalized space accessible to artists and the people who helped to make it the ‘River Arts District’ in the first place, or change the name. No arts, no ‘River Arts District’.

    1. FilmGrl April 28, 2015

      Yes, I agree. It will be upscale studios that will be $2,000 a month lease or so next to gourmet cooking supply shops, wine bars, and dog clothing.

  6. Nate April 28, 2015

    I’ve driven by the entrance to that property a thousand times and never realized that it was so massive and extended all the way behind Riverview Station. It’s interesting that the owner tells you he’s “ready to sell,” while the listing seems to state that the property is going into foreclosure … it doesn’t appear he had much choice!

  7. jtroop April 27, 2015

    f l o o d p l a i n

  8. zen April 27, 2015

    Robert intimated that the buyer has interest in keeping art as some part of it and didn’t mind the graffiti. However, he also said that the city was trying to get him to take photos of each new graffiti piece to document that he wanted it there under the new graffiti guidelines for prop owners. Don’t know if that’s true, but that’s how he presented it.

  9. Craig C April 27, 2015

    Not exactly in the “heart” of the RAD, as many artists at Riverview Station are painfully aware of from past studio strolls.

  10. Orbit DVD April 27, 2015

    Pizza tacos or taco pizzas.

  11. headhunter April 27, 2015

    Don’t forget a brewery……..can’t live, work and play without a brewery.

  12. FDR April 27, 2015

    Nice place for a Live, Work, Shop, and Eat, with room left over for a nice hotel.


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