From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

Julie Wunder, the morning and midday meteorologist on WLOS/Channel 13 is continuing her recovery from illness that has strained her vocal cords.

The illness has kept her off the air for about month.

In a Face book posting, Wunder said that her condition is improving, but weeks of coughing have taken a toll on her ability to speak. “I have to wait until I get my voice completely back” before returning to the air, she wrote.

Doctors have give Wunder “instruction to limit her talking,” said WLOS general manager Jack Connors.


  1. 50yrs old a grown man! Go get a life u idoits who dnt know how much a person feels till they are sick and to put her down in the time of need that’s way wrong!!! And it’s christmas of all times!! If you don’t have anything good to say then dnt say anything at all or change the channel, otherwize u need to keep your bad opinions to yourself that ain’t christian and neither are you!! Julie is a great weather lady and a great person!merry Christmas mrs. Julie

  2. I really don’t have a problem with any of the people on WLOS. I just cant Watch karen Wynne. She is so mechanical. She has that box in her left hand ( which is where she should keep it) then in her right. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with her Left hand……….she does open hand, two fingers, then points. Keep that box in your left hand…stop changing from one hand to the other. Maybe put that hand in a pocket.

  3. Sorry to hear that she is sick, I was afraid she had left because when she became sick so was I,my prayers are that she will be well soon

  4. laurapepoon says:

    i’m sorry to read that’s she’s sick. I hope and pray to Jesus Christ that she gets better in his timing and return to work.

  5. Julie is great! I pray that she recovers and gets back soon! For all the haters and their comments no one cares for your opinion!!! We love and miss you Julie!

  6. Bill Martin says:

    I hope she recovers soon.

    You should keep the audience aware of her situation===========================

  7. Am so happy Julie is not on the TV. She has without a doubt, the most put-on fake smile I’ve ever seen. It’s a blessing not to have her on the air for whatever time it may be.

  8. Lewis Cloud says:

    As a professor at WCU I was diagnosed with the same problem and given the
    same prescription—“Don’t talk.” My cure was to temporarily abandon everyone and go camping during fall break.

    We miss you Julie.

  9. Laurie Morris says:

    I am a teacher who watches WLOS morning news. I had wondered if Julie had left. I must’ve missed it if you said what was wrong. I wish you would give an update every now and then. I love the whole morning team. They seem to really be a team, Hope Julie feels better soon . I think you all are great!!
    Laurie Morris
    96, SC

  10. Love u Julie , she the best at doing the weather
    They WLOS has ever had without Julie I wouldn’t even
    Bother watching WLOS and I love those great sexy
    Legs my god

  11. Wishing Julie a speedy recovery. We have missed her!

  12. Has this happened again, or do the last four commenters not realize this is a story from 2011?

  13. Get well Julie…vocal rest!! Hang in there Jay..good job

  14. I am a teacher who watches the wlos show every morning while getting ready. Many of us at my school have been worried about Julie. We enjoy everyone on the show and have not heard any mention of her in a while. Get well soon, Julie!

  15. Hope Julie recovers quickly, just can’t get use to Jay doing the weather……

  16. Praying for Julie to recover quickly! I enjoy seeing her on the morning news! Get well soon!!!

  17. I am glad she is back,I have missed her a lot.

  18. Have greatly missed seeing Julie and hope she recovers soon. (Has she tried an old, old remedy – gentle, warm salt water gargles?)

  19. Julie Wunder is a highly elegant, highly sophisticated, highly intelligent, beautiful woman. I have posted videos of her on my youtube channel! I have videos of her that date back to 2003! I have great respect for her. Those who are critical of her really seem not to appreciate the success of other people. Just put love and compassion in your heart. Feel for her as if she was your daughter, your sister, your first love. Please give her the respect that she deserves!

  20. Julie is the only one on that morning show with a personality and she has a nice little figure too (especially in profile). That drip Jay Seltzer has got to be the worst. I swear, they could air 5 minutes of static and it would have more personality than that lifeless monotone bore. Julie is best thing on there, despite her facial asymmetry and I hope she gets well soon.

  21. For a small market station WLOS has some good news staff. I have lived in places where the news is covered by people that just graduated from college programs and hadn't figured out how to do the job at all. I think that Julie does a very good job and would prefer her to do the weather. I hope that she heals quickly and returns to work.

  22. Julie does a fine job. If we could just get rid of the eye crap doing the weather now (enjoy boy) that would be great

  23. We're looking forward to Julie's return. 'Hope she gets well soon. With apology to Jay, we'd rather watch Julie convolute in front of the weather map. Besides, we've learned Wunderspeak: "here" for west, "there" for east, "up" for north, "down" for south, "good" for sunny & mild and "bad" for our typical weather.

  24. Elsie Orrell says:

    We were wondering what had happened to Julie; such a lovely lady. She has been missed..Do pray she recovers soon and all will be well for her.

  25. Radio Follower says:

    Wow! Such hate for Julie Wunder. Honestly, she's very good at what she does. If Ashvegas readers could take a moment to stop delivering the lame puns on her name and understand that, perhaps they would have a clue.

  26. Her silence is golden!
    Ms. Wunder is such an annoying voice and on air personality.

    • Tp critize Julie Wunder only shows how little y our are. She does an amirable job and her personality is something people like you should stive for.

      Go Julie

  27. Now if we can just get Karen Wynne to catch the same thing, we'll be in good shape.

  28. In my opinion, Julie could just stand quietly in front of the weather map and it would be just FINE. Get well, dear, we miss you!

  29. I'm she will recover from whatever it was that she out down her throat, but sincerely hope that WLOS TV will find a replacement. Julie W. has got to be one of the most annoying people on the amateur hour known as News 13. She just tries way to hard to be sincere and fails miserably in her delivery.

  30. No Wunder I've enjoyed watching the weather on WLOS so more during the past month!

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