We’re delighted to premiere Jon Stickley Trio’s newest music video the band made to go along with Microbruise, a tune off their latest album, Maybe Believe. The album, produced by Dave King, was independently released this past spring.

The Jon Stickley Trio consists of the lively violin of Lyndsay Pruett, Patrick Armitage’s coursing drums and Jon Stickley’s masterful guitar. Their virtuosity is on display throughout the genre-defying record. It’s bluegrass, it’s newgrass, it’s orchestral, acoustic, avant-garde. All in all, it’s amazing.

The video for Microbruise is a blast, too.

Stickley says its the band’s tribute to some of their favorite television shows. It heavily references cable-access television and shows like Wayne’s World, Between Two Ferns, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show and Asheville’s now defunct URTV.

The video is directed Andrew Vasco and stars: Joe Carroll, Marlene Thompson, Emily Tynan McDaniel, Tracy Hyorth, and Alphie Hyorth. The crew included Keeley Turner and Cat Wityk.

In the video, The Jon Stickley Trio appears as the musical guest on the cable-access program Late Night Asheville with host, Greg Figgleberg. The video was actually shot on VHS video.

Microbruise is described as the “party tune” from their new album and it’s designed to get people dancing. It is infused with the high-energy excitement of Asheville’s exploding brew scene (hence the pun on “micro brews,” and there’s much more.



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