Rumors have been circulating the last couple of months that Marriott is interested in buying The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa.

Nobody’s talking. Could it be possible? Sure. The Grove Park Inn is owned by Sammons Enterprises, a Texas-based corporation that has its hands in a number of businesses and industries. The hotel was a favorite retreat of Elaine Sammons, who would come and hang with her dogs after her husband’s death.

Mrs. Sammons died in 2008, which cut a strong link to Sammons Enterprises. In the meantime, the historic Grove Park Inn, which once sat atop Asheville’s resort scene, has seen increased competition from the newer Biltmore Inn. There tough economy isn’t helping anyone. And the trend in boutique hotels may also be putting pressure on the grand resort – in the last few years, Asheville has seen the opening of the Hotel Indigo, The Bohemian and up next is the Aloft.

What are you hearing?


  1. heard it’s KSL Resorts

  2. Susan Phillips has zero credibility as she’s just the mouthpiece for the Sammons Corp. The GPI has been facing increasingly tough times, revenues are down and the property is in dire need of some major upgrades. The GPI is already very Marriott-like, with undistinguished rooms and public areas and plastic ballrooms. The historic part of the GPI was ruined years ago with the addition of those two ugly “modern” wings. They’ve tried about every promotional gimmick known to the hospitality industry. The sordid reputation of Craig Madison hasn’t helped the GPI either.

  3. I spoke to Susan Phillips Director of Marketing at GPI. She says there’s no truth to the rumor.

    • I think the place is a diamond in the rough. Too big to be managed properly right now… Old drinks with dried up napkin coasters on a rock wall from 48 hours ago, the shabby and not chic furniture in the rooms, the downright ugly additions what with the wall to wall hallway carpets stuck in 1983. Please somebody take this place up to where it belongs. Shhhesshhhh.

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