The former Three Brothers restaurant on Haywood Street, at the Interstate 240 overpass, was bulldozed on Tuesday to make way for a new downtown hotel. Here’s a quick look:




  1. Would frequent that place regularly back when I worked at Homeward Bound. They were rad.

  2. Another relic of my childhood gone. (Not that I ever ate there, but I sure did ride my bike past it a lot.)

  3. Aww three brothers was awesome RIP

    • hauntedheadnc says:

      When were they awesome? I ate there once and that was enough to convince me they were getting along on legacy and not on quality. Same as the Mediterranean. When it comes to buildings, older is generally better, but when it comes to businesses, just because something is old does not necessarily mean it’s any good.

      • Three bothers was super good. I don’t know when you went or what you got but they had good food. The spanikopita, the Greek farmers meal were awesome plus they were the only place in Asheville to get authentic Greek baked goods year round and not just at the Greek festival (once a year). The family that owned it were really nice just because they didn’t have greek infused rhubarb foam and fancy new age culinary techniques doesnt mean the food wasnt good. The same applies to the Mediterranean downtown, I cannot vouch for. I’ve only eaten a nice hungover breakfast there a time or two. I think its important to have couple normal older restaurants near downtown.

        • hauntedheadnc says:

          My problem with what I had — some kind of pasta — was that it was bland, and no better than the crap you can get at Apollo Flame. I don’t give a damn about foam or fusion or even infusion, but bland is the unforgivable sin when it comes to food.

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