Caleb Johnson, who has made it to the final three contestants of this year’s edition of American Idol, paraded through downtown Asheville on Saturday. An adoring crowd lined Patton and Biltmore Avenues as Johnson arrived. He was surrounded by a film crew as an adoring crowd pressed in to cheer, (gasp!) touch and film Johnson. Photos by Jason Sandford.





  1. Orbit DVD says:

    The question we’ve been asking ourselves is if we had his voice and opportunity, would we do the same thing?

    He’s young, having the time of his life and will have a hell of a story to tell his grandkids. Good luck Caleb!

  2. He reminds me of Meatloaf. (The singer, not the food.)

  3. I’ve been coming back to this pic for days, trying to think who he reminds me of–just got it. ‘Steve Holt!’

  4. Almost makes one long for a Stu “column”.

  5. It’s part of the show. It’s staged by the network. You’re posting comments on Ashvegas, you aren’t part of any solution. Find more legit things to get mad about.

  6. What a friggin’ joke. He hasn’t even won anything and they parade this clown through downtown. I wonder how much it cost the city. This is the same clown who called his fans “retards” and hoped that his parade would include hookers and cocaine. American Idol is a glorified karaoke contest held up by sponsors and ignorant teens obsessed with awful american pop culture divas.

    • hauntedheadnc says:

      I recommend the cheese board at Blackbird — it’s absolutely delicious with whine. You might want to look into it.

      • Blackbird sucks, too touristy and loud.
        Just like American Idol.
        See, the problem is that we honor clowns like this kid, who hasn’t fought in any wars or cured any diseases or saved any lives. This is what is wrong with out society. We prop him up like a demigod while poor kids in WNC struggle to get an education and families struggle to feed themselves. Way to go America.

    • luther blissett says:

      “I wonder how much it cost the city. ”

      Nothing, I’d imagine.

      You’d have a stronger argument if you were pointing out that Asheville showed up to play the backdrop of a FOX promotional video, because that’s all the “homecoming parades” are for the American Idol finalists.

      • Yeah, gee, why would Asheville agree to be featured on a national prime time TV show where they can radically increase their tourist profile at little or no cost while also drawing attention to a hometown kid with a national following?

        Where’s the upside?

        • luther blissett says:

          “where they can radically increase their tourist profile”

          Uh huh. Could you tell us a few of the hometowns of previous American Idol finalists and which of them you placed on your vacation list?

          • The same argument could apply to movie locations. Who would have thought that Asheville would experience a spike in tourism directly related to the filming of the Hunger Games?

          • Personally, I don’t give a rip. But I don’t live under a rock to the degree that I can’t understand that there are millions who clearly do care.

            Seriously, why does it bug you? Asheville is a tourist town. Getting a little national attention for a feel good story increases our profile. How does this harm you again?

    • Radio Follower says:

      Yeah, Asheville should have just turned it down. Lighten up, man. It’s just a parade and a couple of concerts. Caleb is killing it and it IS a big deal. His remarks were way off base, and I certainly don’t agree with them. But, he apologized, and folks have moved on. Perhaps you need to move on, as well.

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