quick_stop_restaurant_2014There’s a new restaurant in the works at the Haywood Road Quick Stop on Haywood Road at the intersection with Interstate 26. An employee at the gas station/convenience store said the new restaurant will feature barbecue. It’s the work of the owners of Lucky Fish Taco truck, which has been working out of the lot there.

In September, Ralph Goodnight announced that he and a couple of friends were starting Lucky Fish Taco truck with plans to operate several food trucks in Asheville. More background on Luck Fish Taco here.

More details as I get them.


  1. Does anyone know if there are still any “authentic” type Central American taco trucks around town these days? There used to be two different trucks parked over in the far reaches of 19/23 on evenings and weekends, but I haven’t seen either of them in more than a year. Currently the only traditional truck I’m aware of is way down in Fletcher opposite the Ingles on Hendersonville Road.

  2. Yay another taco place in asheville…I’m so excited

  3. Any restaurant open after 1am on Haywood is gold.

  4. Stopped in one night when I saw the lights on. Super nice dudes. Hoping this will be a great late night grub spot.

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