Boy Scouts lost, found
Terrie Foster, who has been a real workhouse for WLOSers of late, said a group eight scouts and three adults got lost in southern Haywood County Saturday and Sunday. The group was in the Black Balsam Mountain area and were supposed to be home by Sunday evening.

Parents got worried when they didn’t show, so a search party was called Sunday. Parents there said they had people all over the U.S. praying for their safe return.

But first thing Monday morning, the scout master ran into a utility meter read on a dirt road and she took him to the search crews. Everybody got out safe after a trip that was supposed to be for the scouts to practice their wilderness skills.

Terrie claimed an “exclusive” interview with the scout master and his son, who said the boys laughed a lot and sang songs to keep their minds off being lost.

Foster also talked to Steve Taylor, a regional Boy Scout official, who said he was proud that the scouts were prepared and did everything right to be safe.

In crime news…
Buncombe deputies arrested a guy and charged him with shooting to death a 23-year-old last week in a trailer park on Grovemont Avenue in Swannanoa. Another dude was charged with obstruction of justice.

Whores on the street around Asheville Middle School
Charu Khumaria brought us the story of some parents and Asheville Middle School officials being upset about prostitutes and winos hanging out on South French Broad Avenue. School kids have apparently been asking questions about what they’re doing, and students also saw a street walker lift her shirt and flash a passerby as a form of solicitation.

The principal told Charu she doesn’t want her kids exposed to this kind of behavior. A teacher said she doesn’t think it’s her place to answer kids’ questions about such. And a neighbor said she’s moving out because she saw two whores pulling each other’s hair in the streets.

Charu said Asheville police have conducted stings and do what they can, but prostitution is a crime taht doesn’t carry harsh penalties, and most people charged are right back on the street the next day.

In some old news…
WLOSers said there was fire Saturday afternoon at a building next to the Silver Bluff Village in Bethel in Haywood County. Nobody was hurt, but some records were lost. Residents were evacuated safely and returned to their nursing home.

New public defenders
Henderson, Polk and Transylvania counties will now have a staff of public defenders to work the courts. There will be one public defender and five assistants, all paid for by tax dollars, a move that officials say is cheaper than how it works now – a private attorney is hired and appointed when needed. That costs more than $1 million a year. The new system should save 20 percent, officials said.

This week, school officials in Asheville and Buncombe County want more kids to ride the bus because the state is counting this week. The more that ride, the more money the school system gets for the bus system.

Who shot Buttons?
John Le brought us the story of Buttons, a little poodle in Jackson County whose owners say was shot with a BB gun.

The owners said Buttons is like a child to them. They let her out to pee and BAM! somebody shot her. The BB is now lodged in her spine, and she’s not feeling well. The owners want the shooter prosecuted, and Le said neighbors – and even a relative – are likely suspects.

YMCA fights obesity
Ashvegas is one of 18 communities in the U.S. to be part of a YMCA program this year to battle obesity. A bunch of people are going to Washington to learn how to band together and make the most of local resources. The CDC is funding the initiative.

First day of fall
Monday was the first day of fall, but it sure didn’t feel like it. The high was 84, one degree off the 1970 record.

Hawley’s awful sports story
WLOSer Larry Hawley seemed to have a foot fetish in his story about a Hendersonville kid who likes the trampoline and wants to compete at Olympic levels. The kid has battled back from a heart problem.

Hawley, who has a horrible delivery, talked about how the kid bounces on his feet, “even when his heart faced de-feat.” Now the kid is “back on his feet.” Give us a frackin’ break.


  1. "Larry Hawley is the worst WLOS has had in years." Wow, thats kinda like being the slowest kid on the short bus. Harsh…but true…

  2. Larry has done more stories in his two years at WLOS than Stan has in 20 years. I just think that says something.

  3. I think Larry is pretty awful. Sorry, but he’s a goob.

  4. Jeff, Larry Hawley is the worst WLOS has had in years. i dont care how hard you work – if you aint got it, you aint got it.

  5. dude larry hawley’s delivery is fine, His story telling is great and his photography is the best in the biz. It’s funny when the hardest working person at WLOS is your sports reporter. Go Larry!

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