Riverbend Malt House in Asheville has its own homebrew kits available, just in time for Christmas:

Once we built up some inventory in the malt house, we turned our attention to developing all grain homebrew kits for the holidays!

Here’s a sample:


This kit blends our freshest, artisan malt with a classic West Coast hop schedule to create a nicely balanced ale. Our Pale and Heritage Malts account for 99% of the grain, with just a pinch of Chocolate Malt added for color adjustment. IBU’s are equally balanced between early and late additions to create a beer with just the right amount of bitterness and plenty of aroma.

The contents of a kit:


All of the grain (with the exception of the Chocolate Malt) is malted by hand and uses North Carolina grown, organic barley and wheat. All of the malt and hops included in our kits are shipped in nitrogen-purged, vaccum-sealed bags to maintain optimal freshness and flavor. All of the grain has been milled to our specifications. Each kit also includes a dry yeast packet (Danstar Munich Wheat or Safale 05), so you have everything you need to brew!

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