Asheville celebrity spotting: Sandra Oh, Colin Farrell

Celebrities Sandra Oh and  have been spotted around Asheville in recent days.

First, from loyal reader Julie:

Sandra Oh was spotted in the Hendersonville Road Earth Fare Saturday evening – Jan. 14th!!!

And then there were these tweets from @JohnGLloyd on Wednesday. I believe Lloyd is WLOSer Darcel Grimes’ husband:

um. so there’s an irish guy in this coffee shop that kind of looks just like colin farrell? should i fan girl now? would that be too soon?

@KevinMacTweets i’m just confused. because this guy also sounded like him. and had the same earring. BUT WHY IS HE IN ASHEVILLE.

Confirmed: Colin Farrell was just in Asheville, 3 feet away from me. UM.

also, i really want his shoes.

everyone in this coffee shop is now super close, because random Colin Farrell sightings brings people together.

@Ashevegas Starbucks, Charlotte St.

Image link for Sandra.

Image link for Colin.

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4 Comments on "Asheville celebrity spotting: Sandra Oh, Colin Farrell"

  1. This was Darcel’s son…not her husband…just an FYI.

  2. Boy, I wanna make his drink every day, especially his morning coffee!!

  3. I’m terribly jealous of everyone who got to spot this gorgeous piece of Irish hunk!

  4. I made his drink! *dreamy sigh* cough. I mean, uhh Yeah, whatever. Luckily everyone played it cool while he was in the store! We should get bonus points for that.

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