The Swedish sister act making Americana music came though Asheville last week. Here’s an expert from the AltSounds review:

When the set came around to “Ghost Town,” First Aid Kit decided to perform without microphones. They came to the edge of the stage with just Klara’s acoustic guitar. The room was still and silent except for the words “and I found myself attached to this railroad track but I’ll come back to you someday” echoing throughout the venue.

First Aid Kit is most known for their song off The Lion’s Roar called “Emmylou.” It was obviously that the majority of the crowd was waiting specifically to hear this song. The lyrics, “I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June, if you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too” were not foreign to any mouth in venue. First Aid Kit continued their show with more songs filled with the beautiful harmonies they are known for.

I found myself enjoying First Aid Kit’s show so much that it hardly felt like thirteen songs had gone by when Klara and Johanna were ready to leave the stage. The crowd stomped their feet and cheered, bringing the sisters back for two encore songs. One of the encore songs was a cover of Paul Simon’s “America,” where their opening act Dylan LeBlanc (who I don’t have any raving reviews about) joined them on the stage.


Videos from their Orange Peel performance:


  1. Jennifer – I’m not going to go on about my daily job responsibilities, but we are all busy people. Also, I never said you were lazy… thanks for sharing.

  2. Jzara, I had planned to attend as I’m a big fan, but had a headache & had to stay home. Later I saw this review, and as I think the music of FAK is a great fit with Asheville, I wanted to share it, and the music.

    Since I handle marketing, sales, AND, writing posting duties for Ashvegas, taking on reviewer duties as well is too much of a commitment. I don’t think I’m as lazy as you might think.

  3. Why not actually review the show they played at the Peel with words in addition to the videos? Don’t get me wrong, I love crappy smartphone videos as much as the next guy, but it seems like a shortcut IMHO.

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