newbelgium_2012_logoWord on the street is that the New Belgium Brewing distribution center is going to be on Sardis Road in western Buncombe County, near the Jacob Holm site and DeBruhl’s car lot.

Jay Richardson, New Belgium’s general manager for the new brewery planned for Craven Street in Asheville, recently announced that the company has pushed back its construction by eight to 12 months. That means New Belgium won’t be selling beer to the public until late 2015 or 2016. Richardson said the delay was due to the fact that New Belgium had just brought on new beer-making capacity at their HQ in Fort Collins, Colo.

Richardson told me a couple weeks back that New Belgium was entering the “due diligence” phase of property acquisition for the distribution center. He also said the company had already been working on design plans, and said the distribution center would have environmentally friendly aspects to it, just like the new brewery. For example, part of the facility may be built underground to save on cooling costs, Richardson said.

More as I get it.



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  3. I live 1554 the Isis loves New Belgium Brewing Co.

  4. The water will continue to flow regardless of who is “in charge” of the system…

    and this (meaning the new brewery here) is a done deal…

    I do wonder why the distribution site will not be located at the brewery … doesn’t seem very “green” to truck it across town for storage and then to truck it again from there to retailers, bars etc.

    • Presumably they need more storage space for raw materials and finished product than they can fit on the footprint of the riverside site. Also, it gives them a little extra flood insurance if that inventory is further from the river . . .

  5. Fat Tire sells are down double digits. I wouldn’t be surprised if this never happens…

  6. I think they’re waiting to see what happens with our water system. If its taken away from Asheville, I bet they don’t come at all.

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