windsor_hotel_asheville1Word on the street is that a proposed Italian restaurant concept is out for a new space in the former Windsor Hotel on Broadway Street in downtown Asheville. The new concept – a Chinese restaurant.

The daily newspaper reported recently that Macchialina Taverna Rustica, an upscale restaurant by a couple of Miami restauranteurs, was planning to open in the space as early as September. That plan’s been ditched, apparently, in  favor of a Chinese eatery. Which would be just fine by me. Asheville’s needs some good Chinese.

But who knows. Rumors about various restaurants for that site have been flying for a year. There was going to be a Waffle House downtown at the site. Then there was going to be a Chipotle. We’ll wait and see.



  1. Appears the Italian place is back on. New signs in the window say it’s coming soon. Right across from Strada. Oh Boy! Isn’t Asheville Fun?

  2. I’d be very happy with a GOOD Chinese or diner. Glad they scrapped the Italian idea! Strada is right across the street.

  3. Would be really happy with Chinese or 24 hour diner!

  4. There is no good Chinese food, here or anywhere else.

  5. I want a 24 hour diner and not a damn artisanal anything.

  6. Does the name happen to be; 5-10 minute?

  7. Oh please, please, please let there be some actual good Chinese food.

  8. If true, fuck to the yeah.

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