car_crash_hot_spot_2013WLOSer Ingrid Allstaedt tweets the news this morning. It all happened about 9 a.m.

Leicester hwy closed both directions after a driver crashes at Hot Spot, driver transported to hospital.

Car hit pump and caught fire, according to witness

Leicester highway back open. Hot Spot temporarily closed. Driver of car transported to burn center.



  1. I owner just how they managed to DRIVE INTO A PUMP?!? Distractions maybe?! People need to pay more attention because other people could have SERIOUSLY been injured because of this person lack of common sense. You shouldn’t let yourself be distracted enough to hit a gas pump. What if they had hit I person walking?!? Think before you take it out of park,I hope they have a good explanation.

    • … or the driver could have had some sort of health emergency/episode that caused them to lose control.

      … or the driver was swerving to avoid an animal/someone else/another bad driver turning out onto the road and overcompensated and lost control.

      … or the driver was either elderly or confused or intoxicated, and pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake.

      My only point is that from this article (and even the “real” news articles published on this story to date) there’s no way to tell what happened to trigger this accident, so it’s premature to start jumping up and down and slamming the driver for distraction and “lack of common sense.”

      What we really should be doing is making Hot Spot jokes, obvs.

  2. Worst road with the worst drivers, avoid it at all costs

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