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Carnival of Hopes is Kramer’s second solo CD. Kramer’s longtime friend Adam Johnson of Sound Lab Studios, whose portfolio of clients includes such names as Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma, produced and engineered the album. Kramer wass backed by Chris Rosser, Eliot Wadopian and River Guerguerian, the virtuoso trio that comprises Free Planet Radio, and by master Georgia-based bluegrass musicians/ multi-instrumentalists, Pace Conner and Michael Evers who arranged the songs for recording and perform and tour with Kramer regularly. Nicky Sanders of Steep Canyon Rangers and Franklin Keel of Sirius B also have guest appearances on Kramer’s new record.

Today, ElmoreMagazine.com debuted Kramer’s new music video for the Carnival of Hopes single. Here it is:





  1. Yes! She’s amazing!!!

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