Spreadheads have been smoking too much weed lately. They’re paranoid as hell about the propect of a police crackdown at this weekend’s Ashvegas concert of their beloved Widespread Panic. Here’s the e-mail that I received:

You may or may not want to post this on your list but I thought I would share:  “Folks, just got the word that the streets will be crawling w/ underrcover cops in the lot AND in the  show in Asheville. They have had task force meetings  & have talked about Oak ’02. PLEASE be very careful. The narcs will NOT look like cops due to living in Asheville.

” I have a friend whos husband is an undercover cop here & he warned us about it saying it will be a  HUGE sting operation.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



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  1. spreadheads crack me up

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