Found roaming around Asheville today: An incredibly cute piglet.


From the Asheville Humane Society:

Here’s today’s Unusual Stray of the Day: a little piglet was found roaming in the City of Asheville limits. If you know who owns this little cutie pie, please contact the Buncombe County Animal Shelter at 828-250-6430. Thanks! Oink oink!



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  2. God, people can’t even spare the stupid, trite bacon jokes for an adorable piglet that is likely someones pet, can they?

  3. perhaps he was just going to the market, give him time, he will cry wee wee wee all the way home —seriously though, poor little thing, someone claim him please and get him back to his family 🙁

  4. I smell a BACON PARTY!

  5. Abraham Lincoln says:

    uhhh, maybe he is a wild pig, man. let him go, or maybe eat him

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