watauga_county_elections_board_2013A recent Watauga County Board of Elections is getting some national attention from folks like Rachel Maddow and Daily Kos after a particularly heated meeting punctuated by boos and chants. At the meeting, the newly Republican-controlled board took the following actions, from the High Country Press newspaper:

Limiting early voting polling places to only the commissioners’ boardroom at the Watauga County Administration building on King Street. (Last year early voting took place at the courthouse, the campus of ASU and at the Foscoe Fire Department.)

Combining three Boone precincts – Boone 1, Boone 2 and Boone 3 – into one that is located at the Watauga County Agricultural Conference Center. (In the last election, residents of those precincts voted in the Watauga County Board of Commissioners boardroom, ASU Plemmons Student Union and the agricultural conference center.)

Changing the New River 3 polling location from the Boone National Guard Armory to Mutton Crossing, located at 4469 Bamboo Road.

Read the full story at the High Country Press.

Daily Kos on Watauga County Board of Elections, which has video.



  1. Of course Kos and Madcow picked up the story. Without voter fraud, liberals can’t win elections. Just ask Eric Holder about voter intimidation and disenfranchised voters in Philadelphia.

  2. theOtherBarry says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that’s former MSD Chairman Steve Aceto’s son Bill comprising half the GOP majority on that BOE.

  3. disgusting….

  4. I remember when I was going to school at App, Watauga County always scheduled elections and referendums during school holidays to limit the students’ influence.

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