Here’s the info via a Facebook public event notice posted by Spycey Spyce advertising for extras for a music video shoot:

We are shooting a music video for an original spoof song.
Its about BDSM and sung to the tune of DoReMi.
The point of the video is to educate people while being silly and campy, and exemplify the positive aspects of BDSM, similar to what you can see at websites similar to, rather than the ones people are scared of.
So in that vein, the video will be PG-13 and while being titillating, will aim to not offend.

Now imagine THAT as the Muppet Show meets John Waters in the style of David Lee Roth’s Just a Gigolo from the 80’s!
So while we DO need Dommes and subs and all THAT great stuff, we ALSO NEED fun and wacky costumes. Like nuns, priests, rabbis, grandmas, animals, babies, and ANYTHING ELSE you can think of to create a fun, party-like environment for our faboo audience to enjoy!

We are looking for a few Featured Extras, enquire if you are interested.
Tall/buff men (2-3)
Furries (people who have Animal Costumes)

If you’re shy but would like to be involved, you can wear a mask (as may be appropriate for your costume/fetish).
Come help us out behind the scenes!
Looking for people that HAVE experience, or those that WANT some!
There will be SNACKS (Im Jewish, they will be good!)

Image link for furries.



  1. Helll yeah….If I come dressed as a hunter is that OK?

  2. Finally a use for my Octopenis costume!

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