masterminds_trailer_asheville_movie_2015The trailer for Masterminds, the heist comedy that’s based on a true North Carolina story, is out now. The movie was filmed on the streets of downtown Asheville and around Western North Carolina last summer.

Watching the trailer, I was trying to match scenes with the locations. I’ll have to do some more work to catalogue it all, but here are two: the van busting through a warehouse wall was shot on location in Old Fort; the slow-mo lollipop Wiig walk was shot on location in front of the BB&T building in downtown Asheville.

Can y’all match more scenes with locations? Hit me up or leave a comment. Meanwhile, enjoy.



  1. They shot some scenes in the River Ridge Plaza where I work. I heard they were blowing up a armored car in front of where Kitchen & Co. used to be. I’ll be interested to see it. I like the cast so hopefully it’ll be funny.

  2. At the 59 second mark, Kristen Wiig is walking in front of the BB&T building.

  3. I think it looks like a fun movie.

    Hey Jason, I think Zach’s beard & hair kinda look like yours from back in your Mountain Xpress days.

  4. the gun range scene was shot on the Biltmore Property

  5. Meh. Slapstick and southern stereotypes. Pass.

  6. I love the hand held squirt bottle behind Owen Wilson’s shoulder at 0:55.

  7. RobotDanceMonkey1975 says:

    Lol. Now we’ll be seeing “tourists” and “kristen wigg” fans eating lollipops in front of the BB&T building.

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