From loyal reader Toni:

Make Work Fun!

When friends ask you, “How was work today,” do you say “I would rather fling myself in a dung-filled ditch than go back to that job?”

What if instead you could honestly say, “It was wonderful. I absolutely love what I do.”

Well now you can. It’s really quite simple. This short video reveals how.

Love+What+You+Do+1080p-HD from Toni Sherwood on Vimeo.



  1. Very enjoyable, but I missed the imformation on how to sign up.

  2. keith hunter says:

    Very funny. Really makes me want to go get one of them there job things. Lol got a kick out of fhe guy at the buffet. Obviously needed a bigger plate or at least some manners.
    You must have alot of fun making it. I also seen Pauls name come up in the credits as well. Very exciting never dated a man who had his name appear on the big screen.
    looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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