twisted_laurel_restaurant_2014Twisted Laurel Eatery and Taps will open in the former Jack of Hearts space in downtown Weaverville in as soon as two weeks, according to one of the restaurant’s owners. The restaurant will have the same menu and concept – Greek and Italian – as the Twisted Laurel Eatery and Lounge that is under construction in downtown Asheville.

Angelo Karnezis and his business partners are opening the restaurants. When they had the opportunity to move into the former Jack of Hearts, which closed last year, they jumped, Karnezis said.

“Joe Ekert did a great job with Jack of Hearts, and we felt like it fit the style of what we are trying to do in downtown Asheville with exposed brick and beams, and the same color palate. So we decided to do the same menu and keep the name,” Karnezis said.

The Twisted Laurel in Weaverville will feature pasta, subs, salads and the authentic Greek food Karnezis said his parents made when he was growing up. “We going for service and quality and creating a great place to come hang out.”

Karnezis said his crew is moving fast on the Weaverville space. They’re cleaning it and lining up vendors and hope to open in two weeks. The downtown Asheville location is set to open in September, he said.

Here’s what the Twisted Laurel on College Street in downtown Asheville is looking like.

In other northside restaurant news, there’s this from Facebook:

“It’s official-we have sold the restaurant to lovely people-JJ & Bridgett-owners of Mo’s Barbecue. We couldn’t be happier and feel they are a great fit for this location. Please show them the love that you so generously gave to us. Hope to See you there!”

How many different things has that place BEEN in the last few years? Curras Dom, Baja Cafe, this, and now Moe’s…



  1. Melisa Clemons says:

    Have you tried the Sqweelin Pig in Weaverville yet? They have amazing slow smoked BBQ! It is all natural wood smoked, no charcoal, no propane. It is truly craft BBQ at its best!

  2. Do either of these places use local ingredients and humanely raised organic meats say from Hickory Nut Gap etc? If not, we won’t be eating there

  3. South Main St is a tricky location. If the rent is realistic and overhead is at a reasonable level then they might have a chance. I wish them luck.

    • Try ‘run a restaurant and don’t run it like Joe from Jack of the Wood’. The food tastes better already.

  4. In the past, the size of the building that will be the new location for Moe’s BBQ has worked against it, just not enough seats if the weather didn’t allow seating outside. BBQ does a brisk take away business, which is the equivalent of adding more seats. Looking forward to a Moe’s on the north side of town.

  5. Joe E.’s Jack of Hearts has listed it as ‘closed for the holidays’ since Dec. of 2013 on its website by the way. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Yay for the new guys with tasty food.

  6. Lena Epps Brooker says:

    Am totally delighted that both restaurants will soon be available. It is the original Moe`s with veggies cooked like my mom made me….Southern delicious….and the best watermelon salad I’ve tasted. Cornbread is delish too. Welcome to JJ and Bridget…..wonderful young couple.

  7. Loving the restaurant action happening on the northside! Eager to check both of these places out when they open.

  8. Ashevegas – we need trivia at Twisted Laurel. And I Hope their food is better than Bellagio! Any updates on the menu would be great!

  9. Ashevegas – is it Mo’s or Moe’s Original BBQ? Lot’s of confusing stuff in this article….

  10. Stoked about Moe’s BBQ!!!

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