Will it actually get cold this weekend, Asheville? Regardless of whether temperatures stay unseasonably warm or dip into wintry digits, one thing will remain consistent: Asheville’s awesome weekend scene! Check out our roundup of weekend activities, and, as always, let us know what we missed that you’re excited about!

Thursday 11/3

Cutting Chai: the Asheville premiere @ Grail Moviehouse 

7-8 pm

This documentary follows local chef Meherwan Irani, owner of Chai Pani, as he takes his restaurant crew through 10 cities in 10 days to “eat everything in sight.” Your ticket includes the film screening, a complimentary cup of chai, and a Q&A with the filmmakers!

Friday 11/4
Going down in the Warehouse studios of the NYS3 Actor’s School, this will be a night of music and dance with NYC DJs Gaul Plus and DJ Wey, Carrboro producer Liquid Asset, Tan Jones of Atlanta and DJ Deeds of AVL, and visual projection from Geo Linx, who has done installations for the (Re) Happening and Interlude 2016. $5-25 suggested donation goes straight to the Media Arts Project.
Saturday 11/5 
Brevard Lumberyard Arts District Block Party @ King St. and W. French Broad St.
1-8:30 pm
Explore the best of Brevard’s bustling arts scene during this all-day block party. The day will be filled with open houses, special events, live music at 185 King St., and delicious food and drink.
Sunday 11/6
Study Up!
With only two days to go before Election Day 2016, take a few moments to study up on the candidates running for the presidential election, as well as other local, state, and federal elections if you haven’t already voted. Check out the ashvegas.com 2016 Voters’ Guide for information about local, state, and national candidates! We also recommend that you celebrate your last weekend before one of the most divisive elections in history by taking a hike, doing a little meditation, or spending time with family and friends.
Also, downtown Asheville independent art and craft shop Horse + Hero, at 14 Patton Ave., is hosting Woolly Press for a Riso Residency through Nov. 6. Check out the beautiful works.



  1. Deplorable Infidel says:

    Troubling that those who like to be offended by Tim Peck’s obvious intellect continually demonstrate their fear of the truth around here.

  2. Oh. I thought Barry would have something smartass to say about the election.

    • WTF is your problem, Tim? Seriously. Are you just genetically inclined toward assholism? You come about it naturally? Or was there some event that triggered your slide into the pit of pernicious twatdom?

      Inquiring minds don’t actually give a sh*t, but perhaps the question can trigger some soul-searching (by that, I mean a search for an actual soul in that cavernous hollow of your heart.)

      • I just thought our beloved chatty Barry would have SOMETHING to say about the election. I can wait.

      • I’ll start the conversation:

        GOP Dominance:

        ☑️ NC House, NC Senate
        ☑️ NC Council of State
        ☑️ State legislatures
        ☑️ Governorships
        ☑️ US House, US Senate
        ☑️ Presidency

        • The state legislature has a veto-proof supermajority. An imagined Governor Cooper would be utterly impotent.

          His policies
          His budget
          His vetos
          A repeal of HB2

        • This is interesting

          Civitas’ Same-Day Registration Lawsuit

          • Yeah, that’s just gonna dig your hole deeper. Art Pope’s vehicle for stealing elections? Good luck.

            I love that you guys are going 100% racist now. It’s much easier to spot y’all in a crowd. (Clue: The pointy hats give it away.)

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