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The normally bustling Grove Arcade Outdoor Maker’s Market is quiet without the usual array of artist vendors and the pedestrian shoppers they attract./ Photo by Ed Rowles

Pandemic threatens livelihoods of Asheville artists, musicians

The pandemic’s longterm impact on Asheville artists and musicians could alter the fabric of Asheville, which has long prided itself as an arts hub.

by June 1, 2020 0 comments Asheville News
Asheville chef Katie Button, of Cúrate and Button & Co. Bagels restaurants. Katie Button says that, during this ongoing coronavirus outbreak, "everything that we have built and created is basically all thrown out."/ Photo by Evan Sung Photography

Scared of Losing Everything: Asheville chef Katie Button on surviving the coronavirus crisis

Spending too much time thinking about the worst case scenario can become crippling, says Button, who adds that she’s just doing her best to react and adjust day by day.

by April 22, 2020 0 comments Asheville News