Integrative Family Medicine is a River District medical practice  run by two MDs who work outside the healthcare system (health insurance not required for appointments and affordable care). This Sunday, it offers a presentation exploring what can be done locally to create sustainable, affordable healthcare.

While the doctors do offer some alternative treatments, they pretty much just offer medical care at a flat rate ($50 per visit): An overdue solution for many Ashevilleans who don’t have or don’t want traditional medical insurance.

From the Facebook page for the Sunday presentation:

Understanding Healthcare and Grassroots Change: Asking the Right Questions and Living the Answers

• What: Free community presentation to explain the healthcare system and what can be done locally to create sustainable, affordable healthcare
• Why: most people feel overwhelmed, confused, and dis-empowered by the dysfunction of the healthcare system and their lack of affordable access to good care.

Many people feel confused about the proposed healthcare changes and overwhelmed by the complexity of our system. Many are frustrated by the lack of affordable access to good medical care. We will explain our current system and its development in simple terms so that you will know what you can do now in your own community to create sustainable, affordable healthcare. We will explain how your local efforts can have enduring benefits for future generations, and effectively influence the larger system through grassroots change.

We have invited representatives from diverse groups working towards local sustainability. We hope that this free presentation will help catalyze, inform, and coordinate efforts for local sustainability. By the end the presentation, you will understand how local, grassroots change is essential for any successful healthcare reform. This free event is co-sponsored by Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville and the Wellness Team at Jubilee Community Church.

September 30, 7-9 p.m.
Jubilee Community Church at 46 Wall Street
For more information, contact Brian Lewis, MD MPH at, or visit:

Facebook event page


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