Hello, Asheville! How are ya? I hope you’re hanging in there during these sh*t times. I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have, just like everyone else. A lot has changed in 2020 . __ .  but I’m still plugging away at what I consider to be my life’s work: Getting the infos on the local eats to the local eaters. These days I personally have most of my food delivered because, y’know, the DEADLY PANDEMIC, and as a result I’ve been focussing my blogging on the truly fascinating (not even kidding) world food delivery.

I honestly can’t wait to get back out there in the world, and do it like we used to do, but until that bright shiny day, I’m kickin’ back… so to speak… wakka wakka… because now I work for, the local food delivery service, and I’m learning allll the ins-and-outs of food delivery. I’m also trying out and reporting on various prepared meals, CSA boxes, meal-planing programs, and other delivery-based food industry businesses. If you have one, please contact me.

Since most of my food blogging happens on Facebook these days, and I know that not everyone is on Facebook, I thought I’d share some of what I push into “The Feed” there with you here, on Ashvegas where I got my start! These are just a few of my recent posts. I hope you enjoy them, and that you will be able to get some, if not all of the delicious items listed below.


posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 12/2/20

Chef Brett Suess brought me some AMAZING food today, a gift from Chef Graham House of Session Cafe at Citizen Vinyl. Wow. Dank AF. Three sandwiches: Pastrami and gruyere, pork shoulder Italian, and grilled cheese with thick cut boloney. Jimminy Crickets. So. Frickin. GOOOOD! Also the potato salad was yom, the pickles were pickly, and I’m saving the pastries for later, so I’ll report back to you on those, but I’m sure they gonna be bomb, because they’re made by Chef Susannah Gebhart from OWL Bakery and she doesn’t mess around! Super-recommend. We just added their menu to Kickbackavl for delivery under Session Cafe.


posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 11/30/20

I stopped into the South Slope Cheese Co. Yesterday and bought some cheddar. It was fantastically good. I noticed they have the cutest little jars of caviar too. Might have to splurge one day. PS – The owner was wearing both a mask and a face shield, but she stepped way away from me, and took them off very briefly for the picture. I kept my mask on the whole time I was in there of course.


posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 11/30/20

I got a West villy philly, and two items from the kids menu of Westville Pub, mini elk burger and fried shark! The shark (pictured) was the highlight of this meal, and I think kids will like the flavor, texture, AND concept of eating a shark. I did!


posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 11/30/20

I haven’t been downtown in ages. I miss the shit out of it. I’m here today to meet a friend and take some pictures but I also stopped to in to say hi and grab a cup of Asheville’s finest: PennyCup Coffee at the YMI. Thanks, Matthew!


posted to KickbackAvl on 11/30/20

Note that this post eventually reached close to 11,000 people.

Wow. Somebody likes burgers.

All of a sudden I think I’mma order a burger for myself tonight. Hmmm… from where? Who’s got the best burg in town in your opinion?

I’ll have to order from one of our restaurant partners, obvs*, but please tell me — and by “me,” I mean everyone — YOUR FAVORITE BURGER, from any restaurant in town. Shout ’em out right now, and maybe we’ll be able to sign them up for delivery if they’re not already with us.

I’ll start: I truly do love me that famous Vault Burger. I prefer two of their sliders to one large burger. Weird. And yes, I have begged, maybe even groveled a li’l bit, definitely pleaded, to get them to sign up for delivery, but thus far they have resisted my Jedi mind powers. Of which I have none.

* It’s not that Jennie would be mad at me, but she might be disappointed, and that would be almost worse, y’know what I mean?

She’d be all. like, “Really? Alright then.” And I’d be all, like, “***wither***”

But getting back to my main point: Mmmmm… burger.

Shared to WAX on 11/18/20

Hi WAX! I’m getting a burger tonight. Nothing new or different about that, but this is where it gets crazy: I kinda want everyone in Asheville to order burgers tonight, so that tomorrow we can all talk about burgers on line, and post a bunch of pictures of burgers, and recommend burgers to each other, and all the restaurants can be like, “Whoa. We sold a %#$@-ton of burgers last night.”

That is my dream. I have weird dreams. Mostly about burgers. And sometimes hot dogs. (Hello, calling Dr. Freud.)

Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 11/18/20

I’m so down for a burger tonight. Who’s with me? I have already ordered a “Jalapeno Popper Burger” with whipped jalapeno cream cheese, Maple River bacon, and blackberry jam from Post 25 Kitchen & Lounge. Sounds killer!

I also got mac ‘n’ cheese. Because dafucknot?

Posted to Stu Helm: Food Fan on 11/18/20

I was very happy with my dinner choice tonight! A burger, with Brussels and mac n cheese from Post 25 Kitchen & Lounge. All of it was excellent! ❤️

Posted to KickbackAvl on 11/19/20

Okay, y’all. I said I was gonna getta burger last night, and boy howdy, did I ever choose wisely! The Jalapeno Popper burger from Post 25 Kitchen & Lounge was large, meaty, cooked just right, came on a great bun, it was tasty and creative as all get-out. I’m telling you what. Recommend.…/American/Post-25-Arden

Likewise, the mac ‘n’ cheese was creamy and basic and awesome, and the Brussels were just the ticket to make me feel like I was eating a real “Asheville” meal. (Brussels are jehhhst a li’l bit popular, in case you hadn’t noticed. LOL)

I also want to shout-out the restaurant for their use of deli / parchment / whatever kind of paper over the sprouts and around the burger. PERFECT. It looked cute when I opened the box, the Brussles had not gone a’flyin’, and neither had the burger come apart. Good job!

I enjoyed this meal 100%.

Posted to WAX on 11/19/20

Good evening WAX! I hope you had a great day! Last night I posted about my strong desire for a burger, and I asked y’all for your input, and I suggested that maybe we could all order burgers and talk about ’em today! Well, that post reached over 9,000 people and got 112 comments, so I know there was a li’l bit of interest. LOL

A lot of folks said things like, “Dang it, I just ordered BBQ!” So next time I’ll try to give you more heads-up, but I really did get a burger and boy howdy! I chose so wisely, my friends!

I got the Jalapeño Popper burger from Post 25 Kitchen & Lounge, and it was GREAT. A big, meaty burger on a really nice bun, with whipped jalapeño cream cheese, maple bacon, and the kicker: Blackberry jam!


Jam on a burger. I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like it, but I LOVED it! I highly recommend this burger, along with the classic creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, and brussels sprouts. Everything was excellent, and delivered fresh, hot, and delicious by Kickbackavl! Recommend!

Like I said, next time, I’l give everyone a little more notice, but I would really love it if we had an ongoing burger thing here, if ya’ll are into it that is.


 – END –

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