I love Sophia’s joy.

You see it here, in the pure unmitigated happiness of flight, or at least the closest thing to flight a child can find. You hear it in her giggles at playing the PlayStation video game. She has no clue what she’s doing, but she’s having a blast.

That was then. This is later. She’s growing up. Interest in high fashion, bags and purses and dresses and princesses, occupy her. She fasions herself a model.

Sophia’s in sort of a geeky phase right now. She wears glasses. She likes gymnastics. She handles miniature tea sets with the care a jeweler shows for a fine diamond. It’s her joy.

I love Sophia’s joy. She’s my joy. She’ll grow up, but I’ll never forget it.



  1. HA!!! Your name is Jason…. he he he. Your niece is cayoooot.

  2. Hey Nancy – my niece. My sister’s daughter. Glad you survived Germany!

  3. Jason — is Sophia your kid? If so, she IS beautiful!

    Nancy still in Germany, but, thank God, moving back to the U.S. (Texas)

  4. Sophia is beautiful. I just found your site through NC Blogs. I’m also in Asheville. Small world!

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