Felix Meana of Curate restaurant recently posted this sneak peek at what the expansion of the restaurant will look like when it’s complete. From Felix on Facebook, who notes a couple of other news bits about the Curate crew:

A little tease of what we have in mind in the coming expansion of Cúrate next door! …More seating, a new bar … More room for the kitchen… And all connected with the current space…Exciting!
A lot going these day, we just add more kitchen space and restaurant seating at Nightbell as well, come to check it out! And Cúrate cookbook release in October is coming soon too… Keep tuned!
Just wanted to share with you all how excited we are with all the projects we have going on!

Curate, helmed by Chef Katie Button (she and Felix are married, and with parents Elizabeth and Ted Button, the crew operates Curate and Nightbell as Heirloom Hospitality group), has won awards for her delightful Spanish tapas dishes. The restaurant is located at 11 Biltmore Ave. in downtown, and late last year started on its expansion into the adjacent space at 13 Biltmore Ave., which was formerly home to a frozen yogurt spot.


When all the work is done, the restaurant will be twice its original size. The restaurant earlier this year celebrated its fifth anniversary in Asheville.



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