Asheville entrepreneurs at their best. Here’s the press release:

SleepSwag founders Terri Hetzel and Susan Kitson of Asheville are passionate about sleep. In November, they launched SleepSwag, a silk sleep mask company. These women saw a compelling need for a well-designed, attractive sleep mask. Much time and testing went into the mask’s design and features, and the result is an exceptional sleep accessory that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Helping people get a good quality sleep in a natural way is important to the founders.

Because insomnia doesn’t discriminate against any gender, sexual preference, race, creed, size or religion, neither does SleepSwag. Sleep masks are available in many different and unique colors, designs and styles for all men and women

SleepSwag sleep masks extend beyond just nightly use and are ideal for: traveling, napping, meditating, sleeping in, camping, night shift workers, living or traveling in the Arctic Circle during the summer, replacing your sleeping pills, more than just sleeping — (wink, wink), sleep deprived young mom and dads, sleep deprived old mom and dads.

SleepSwag is an environmentally and socially conscious company that gives back monthly locally to MANNA Food Bank. The company makes efforts to be environmentally conscious wherever possible from recycled paper to shipping practices. The company insists on and supports all ethical, safety and fair trade standards for their company particularly their workroom facility. SleepSwag sleep mask can be purchased online or at several Asheville retailers. For additional information visit


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