Asheville’s drinking scene is alive with new activity, from the new bar going in above Table to the Thirsty Monk’s new addition, Nuns on TopAsheville Scene’s Mackensy Lunsford has reported it all, and now has details on the new MG Road:

The theme among Asheville restaurants these days seems to involve literally taking bars to other levels.

Now, Chai Pani is getting into the game with MG Road, set to open next Thursday. Unlike Table and the Thirsty Monk, who are currently building bars on upper levels, Chai Pani has punched through the floor, sprucing up a former Wall Street bookstore.

The new venue is staffed, decorated and also stocked with plenty of top-shelf liquors and specialty ingredients that are tough to find elsewhere. New bar manager, Mike Burnette, formerly of Cucina 24, also brings his wine knowledge. And, among a handful of other talented bartenders, there’s Jonathan Ammons, who’s deeply committed to the cocktail craft — enough so to inspire Chai Pani owner Meherwan Irani to tinker with his concept and focus squarely on the cocktail scene (though there will be food, too).



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