Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.17.05 AMRumors are running wild that a hotel chain is planning to buy property along Haywood Road and offer up new accommodations for visitors.

For weeks, there’s been talk that the builder’s supply store across from Battle Cat is being eyed. There’s no property transfer that I can find confirming such.

Then today, there’s been some discussion on West Asheville FB message boards about the possibility of the above property being up for sale or under contract. The property includes a car wash, an out-of-date convenience store and a former gas station that’s been closed for years. Commenters on the discussion boards have had it both ways – some saying there’s nothing to the rumor, others saying it’s real and that a new hotel is planned.

It certainly makes sense. West Asheville is now it’s own entertainment destination, having exploded over just the past few years with new entertainment venues, restaurants and independent shops. When New Belgium’s new East Coast brewery opens in Asheville – west of the French Broad River – that will only add to the West Asheville buzz.

We’ll keep an eye out…



  1. The convenience store did just have its gas tanks removed recently and the property was surveyed too. Removing those tanks was a massive and expensive job. The only reason they would do that is get it ready to sell. Something is coming.

  2. I can’t tell from the photo, and there is a piece of land connected to the car wash owned by W.Asheville Pres. and they have no intention of selling- and as far as I know , no one has asked.

  3. Do you think with West Asheville becoming such a popular destination that it might be time to have a reliable place to park there? I would gladly pay a few bucks on a deck if it meant I didn’t have to spend 10-15 minutes finding a place and then wondering if my car was going to be towed.

    • Wouldn’t be surprising at all if/when a hotel does come to Haywood Rd. it ends up being another one of those public/private deals like the Aloft hotel/parking deck.

  4. So long as it doesn’t hurt someone, a business, etc., what’s wrong with a rumor? Or working to increase page clicks? Relax.This is far from nefarious. I find this interesting.

  5. Hilton has right of first refusal on Builders choice. This from an excellent source living on nearby property.

    • Makes more sense than the Twitter rumor from a week or so ago that the hotel would be across the street from Ingles. Builder’s Source is a big lot, and you would assume they could relocate and make tons of money off the land.

    • A Hilton across from BattleCat and The Double Crown. Hah!

      • luther blissett says:

        Homewood Suites is Hilton, and that’s opposite Big Lots and the ghost mall. Hampton Inn is Hilton, and that’s opposite the Tunnel Road IHOP.

        Hilton can mean many things in the hotel business.

        • hauntedheadnc says:

          There is also the fact to consider that if it really *were* a Hilton, in due course any business the Hilton guests found distasteful would, in time, vanish. Rich people always get what they want. Always. They’ve already taken over downtown, increasingly West Asheville, and if they want East West Asheville, they’ll have that too.

          • Have you looked at your West Asheville real estate prices lately? Who do you think is buying your cute little 3 BR 1 bath cottages for $300K? The rich are already there and they want your children too.

  6. “an out-of-date convenience store” – you mean the only place in all of West Asheville to buy beer after 11PM? Are you from Mars?

  7. Once again this does not sound like “rumor control.” It sounds more like rumor spreading.

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