Pot Pie in downtown Marshall makes pot pies with local ingredients, then freezes them for sale. More from Pot Pie Shop:

We offer take and bake Pot Pies (and coming soon…casseroles and soups) Our products are handmade from local ingredients (when possible) and then frozen in store. Ready for you to take home and bake in your oven! An easy, home-made meal for those evenings or events when you don’t feel like cooking. Our pies also make great gifts. We would love you to visit us in our store, or delivery is also available. We look forward to meeting you!

Still working on those fruit pies! I’m almost ready to send out the peach blueberry, hopefully before the memorial day weekend! Some other previews to watch out for… a garden tomato pie, made with heirloom tomatoes and fresh corn, chives and basil, A vegetarian pizza pie is in the works, and there was talk of a Greek chicken pie, or something fun with Portobello mushrooms…
I’m also getting ready to get down with gluten-free cooking! I’m not scared of rice flour…promise! Hope to offer many of my pies gluten-free. Check in with me by the end of next week…any advice is appreciated:).

Other than that, I have to say that I love the town of Marshall. It has been a great place to be a clueless, frightened, new business owner! I have had many to thank for positive support and kindness! The first three weeks have been a success!


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