Here’s a look at the New Belgium Brewing party at the Grey Eagle on Friday. The public party followed Thursday’s groundbreaking on the site of New Belgium’s new East Coast Brewery on Craven Street, just across the river from the Grey Eagle.

New Belgium’s Bryan Simpson took a minute to honor Asheville Citizen-Times beer writer Tony Kiss for his work. Known as The Beer Guy, Kiss is celebrating his 30th anniversary at the newspaper, Simpson said. New Belgium had a cake for Kiss, but he didn’t attend the party.

Simpson also picked up on an analogy lots of folks have been using to describe New Belgium’s arrival in Asheville – that of a marriage. He read vows and asked the New Belgium gang to respond “we do.” Then he read a second set and asked the public to respond “we do.”

They did.

With music from headliners David Earl and the Plowshares, folks sipped New Belgium beers and had a great time. Photos by Ashvegas After Dark photographer Mary Juliano.




  1. I guess Napa Valley should stop producing vino because the people can’t handle it.. What a sad remark to reflect upon the people of Asheville. A few rotten Apples mean we should do what?! And downtown is a haven for this? I’ve seen this debauch all over the country. Get a life! There’s a lot more good than bad. ( gsp! I saw a drunk walking down the street). Get over your self!

  2. LOL. Can somebody tell me what’s wrong with pic 16? Hint, Bad move photographer!

  3. I guess there’s always been vomit on the streets at night, but walking around downtown last night I saw two different guys throwing up plus a nice little puddle near my car. Seeing all these breweries and and all the grown up frat boys and their sorority wives filling up Asheville’s streets every weekend, spilling out of beer-tour vans and bars and pub cycles I find myself not as enchanted with the downtown scene. I know I’m In the minority and that’s totally fine. Just sayin’, I’ll take an economically depressed 1990s Asheville any day over the crowded alcohol centric hubbub that resembles a million other downtowns.

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