stashFallout continues from the Huffington Post list naming Asheville one of “10 Terribly Overrated Destinations.” Here, an Asheville blogger at lists six not so great things about Asheville, including its marijuana offerings:

Marijuana – Now, I don’t know about this one personally because I for one, would never do anything, and I mean anything illegal. Hell, I won’t even cross Coxe Avenue until I hear that creepy voice tell me that it’s okay.  But I would like to think because of the tree huggin’, Phish lovin’, congo playin’ granolas in this town that there would be at least 3 to 4 strains of the gnarliest shade grown, fair trade, organic nugs around at all times.  Strains with names like Purple Nurple, and Oh Shit, What Did I Come Upstairs For Again?  But what I’ve been told by folks is that sometimes it’s hard to find some of the ole wacky tabaccky in Cackalacky and it sometimes comes from as far as California.  Could this be the real reason James Franco is at Norman Nelson College?  Should be calling him, Mule Franco???  Note to self, find out if you can be sued for what you write about someone in a blog…



  1. I think you have discovered the source of the “annoyance” encountered by the original article writer. That would be the lack of the wacky tabaccy in Cackalacky, my friend.

  2. SuckItMcGee says:

    I assume you realize this was all tongue-in-cheek?

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