The Block, December 2010



  1. Plenty more buildings to renovate…we have to start working on second floor apartments and make them affordable as possible (in asheville?) To many upstairs of buildings left empty.

  2. Looking forward to seeing The Block finally take off, but then again this revitalization has been "about to happen" since about 1996. Who's to say that this time around, in a down economy, things will turn out any differently? Well, there are a couple new things, such as the planned performing arts center and the involvement of MHO (who has a proven track record – hello Glen Rock). This will probably be the next project on MHO's radar after the apartments up on Merrimon.

    Lastly though, there are pretty much no other buildings left to renovate downtown – this is it, the last frontier.

  3. sideline observer says:

    It's about to happen. There are MAJOR plans for that building and many other adjacent (nearby) areas, so stay tuned….plus very significant things happeniong at the YMI. Stay tuned.

  4. I wish someone would do something with that building; it looks like it could be something awesome if someone would restore it. I heard people have wanted to, but there was some kind of opposition, am I right?

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