Saw this crew smoking in the little grassy area on College Street next to the Rankin Avenue parking garage, and across the street from The Vault on Rankin.

I missed the money shot – the dudes actually toking – but there they were, passing a j. in public view, easily seen by any passersby, including the three young dudes with the back to the camera who zoomed over to see if they could get a whiff.



  1. As someone who has naked photos floating around on the interwebz, I must say that having your unrecognizable image on ONE website with what might be a joint in your hand doesn’t sound all that bad. I mean yeah, I’d still rather be naked on the internet than toking because one of those is totes legal and the other is not, but yeah, this isn’t freak-out worthy. At ease, children.

  2. Yes, it’s illegal. Yes, it’s in public and you have every right to photograph them. Yes, it’s your blog and you can do what you will, but for a news/rumor mill blog, this is neither. Maybe just a slow day over at ACT?

  3. I also think posting this picture shows extremely bad taste and judgment, really changes my opinion of this blog. 🙁

  4. Andy – inappropriate for a picture??? That’s what happens, they were smoking in public. Not the brightest move if they want to risk a ticket. Do it in the privacy of your home or property, not on the streets.

  5. Andy, Doug and Nate–why the ‘media police’ attitude when it’s Jason’s website and he can post whatever he damn well wants to post? You can’t even see these dudes faces. Big deal. This happens all the time in Asheville and if the guys didn’t want the attention then maybe they shouldn’t have been toking in broad daylight, which is pretty stupid and still illegal.

  6. I feel for the people having the picture of them posted on the internet. Unnecessary and inappropriate!

  7. Jason, I am dissapointed in you. Taking pictures of people smoking herb and then posting them on your website?! That seems very un-ash-VEGAS-y of you. For shame!

    • L
      Lol Andy. It IS Vegasy of me, but all I’m doing is recording what anyone can see on the public streets. Shame? Why? I don’t care if people want to smoke weed. I’d prefer they kinda keep it on the down lo, because it still is against the law. But that’s Asheville for you.

      • Actually, you didn’t get a picture of them “actually toking,” and the joint itself is so invisible in this picture that you had to add Perez Hilton-style writing on the image to even let us know it was there. This isn’t “documenting” anything, it’s just attempting to shame people who have committed a public nuisance crime that you disapprove of, like the photos of overgrown yards and red-light-runners on West Asheville Watch.

        I think that your readers expect better of you, regardless of their opinions on public consumption of marijuana.

  8. Legalize it

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