Church in Pack Square Park

Anyone know anything more about the church that was holding services in Pack Square Park this summer and early fall? They have a big sign that says “Yahweh is God of the City,” and they have live music. There’s also much laying on of hands, as shown here. Does the church pay the city for access to the park? Can any church pay to use city property to espouse a particular religious point of view? I’m very curious…



  1. Asheville Dweller says:

    Last I heard about the Drums is they were allowed one day a month and just moved it to every week, and they pay nothing.

  2. I'm pretty sure the drum circle does pay a permit fee. I know they were required to do so as recently as a few years ago. Permitting requirements change all the time though so it could be different now. I think it was set up through Skinny Beats on Eagle St.

  3. I don't think the drum circle has a unified message of belief/salvation. I'm pretty sure they just play drums.

  4. I'm glad you posted the context of this photo. At a glance, it looked like the guys were getting shaken down.

  5. Asheville Dweller says:

    Do those that have the Drum Circles in downtown Asheville pay fees to use pritchard park? Lets be fair here . . . . . . .

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