dan_rather1 Straight from the Dan Rather, the man himself, over at danrather.com. This was posted on Sept. 6:

I’m off to North Carolina, working a story and an interview (to Charlotte, Asheville, then Franklin…to talk with the great Merle Haggard, among others). I have long listened to much Haggard, one of the all time country music greats. Among my favorites of his: “Mama Tried,” “The Fighting Side of Me,” “Okie From Muskogee” –and, of course, “Sing Me Back Home,” generally considered one ofthe greatest country music classics of all time. But I like almost everything Merle has recorded.

I think country music is still (always has been) an underestimated reflection of American culture and society–and of our nation’s people. Elites tend to dismiss it–if not outright ridicule it. But I’ve said it before and say it again now: if you want to know what’s really on a lot of American minds (and in many ways, in their hearts) listen to country music.

Anyone have any more details on where Merle is hanging? I’d love to know more.

UPDATE: Rather introduced Haggard at a recent concert in Franklin. Very cool. Rather talks more about his trip to WNC here.

Thanks to loyal reader Adam for the heads-up on this.



  1. Let’s hope he doesn’t have trouble keeping his “facts” straight.

  2. Dan Rather introduced Merle Haggard at his concert in Franklin (Smoky Mountain Performing Arts Center) Friday night (Sept. 6) and said he was interviewing Merle. They were filming that night for the interview, and signs posted around the concert hall stated that concert attendees agreed to being filmed.

  3. Maybe, Maybe Not says:

    I have no intel, but I intend to spend the rest of today speculating where I might run into Merle Haggard. My first guess is the Miami in Candler.

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