New Belgium Brewing just launched a new website for the Asheville brewery site it plans to build near the River Arts District. Here’s a blurb on the new site:

We are in the process of buying a house in the neighborhood where we are building in order to be on the ground in the neighborhood during the building process.

Just last week, New Belgium held a public meeting in Asheville to update the community on the company’s plans to build a $175 million East Coast brewery in Asheville. There was a standing room only crowd, who heard how New Belgium plans will alter West Asheville infrastructure..



  1. Bill Rhodes says:

    Not technically. it IS West Asheville, which New Belgium only says when there is a negative associated with the project…. when introducing it, or talking about positives it is the River Arts District, in which it is not.

    I wish they would just say it is in West Asheville and stop confusing everyone who has no clue anyway

  2. Jeff is exactly right. I get so sick of people who think “West Asheville” is the corridor of Haywood Road from Beechams Curve to Patton Ave. Or even worse from 240 to Patton down Haywood.

  3. Huh? Murphy, the property is on the west side of the river in Asheville. It’ll be a 28806 zip code. It’s West Asheville. Technically.

  4. but technically the brewery location is not in west asheville …

    • Google it and the assignation of West Asheville is the area between Patton Avenue and I240 (basically the Haywood Road corridor) …

      or visit and see what the Chamber of Commerce calls WAVL …

  5. New Belgium, beer for movies. Let’s do it.

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