Photos by zen Sutherland, art by Dustin Spagnola.



  1. His paintings are crap. Just copy a famous pic and paint over. Blah!

  2. Hey Hipstarr, who pissed in your cornflakes? Its negative idiots like you that bring the Asheville vibe down. You are killing my buzz with your words.

    Not sure if you are a scorned woman or just a straight up hater. I guess that’s the real mystery here. Why are you so angry at this man? Can you elaborate with some facts? Have you seen this “trustafarian’s” bank statement? Is he driving a BMW around?

    I would like to hear more of your side of the story, cause I think it’s a cool painting. I hope this post will make you realize the error of your negative ways. Repent sinner!

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  4. More douchey paint-by-numbers drek by Asheville’s premiere trustafarian artist wanna-be. The best part is the gigantic autograph, as if anyone would fail to recognize such epic crap.

  5. Over(satur)rated.

  6. That looks great! Too bad it will come down when they build the brewery. That will be a vast improvement as well though.

  7. Anonymous Bob says:

    Sooo much better. Thanks DSPAG.

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