Two new shopping centers on busy Asheville arteries will be up for an initial review at the Asheville Technical Review Committee meeting on Oct. 17.

One new shopping center, called The Peaks, is planned for a site that is currently home to Beaucatcher Cinemas at the intersection of Tunnel Road and South Tunnel Road. Plans show that the redeveloped site will include a Chipotle restaurant, a Panera Bread restaurant, and several new retail spaces.

The other shopping center is planned for the intersection of Airport Road and Loop Road. That center’s plans call for Taco Bell, Academy Sports at Ulta.

The committee will also hear an update on plans to build a new Bouchon restaurant on Haw Creek Road, as well as plans for a new storage facility on Sardis Road.

The Asheville TRC is scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. at 161 S. Charlotte St., room A-109.



  1. Beaucatcher Cinemas is at the point it cannot be improved anymore. Most moviegoers are looking for multiplexes with stadium seating.

    Asheville Mall did have a two-screen theater as a southwest outparcel until the late 1980’s.

  2. Is the demise of the Beaucatcher theater related to last year’s announcement that a theater would be added to the Asheville Mall?

  3. weavervilleman says:

    Tiger, that is the plan. If this plan passes, Beaucatcher will be closing between Halloween and Christmas Day. That parcel is too small to include the shopping center plus the theater. I wish they would leave Beaucatcher and REDO the Innsbruck “Mall”. That site is HUNGRY for a redevelopment.

  4. The Peaks site does not include Beaucatcher Cinemas. I fear Beaucatcher Cinemas may close soon.

    Is anything else planned with Academy Sports + Outdoors, Taco Bell, and Ulta on Airport Road?

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