Today was the first day in business for Asheville’s newest food truck, Lovin’ Tenders. The bright yellow truck, which sells bratwurst and more, was parked outside the I&J Food Mart on Haywood Road across the street from Ingles. Check ’em out.


Menu includes Chicken, Pork, & Steak Tenders grilled, teriyaki, bbq, or fried in beer batter W/ Japanese bread crumbs. Also servin up some mean chicken sausage gumbo, fresh brats, weisswurst, and german tater salad.

For desert we will alternate Chef Craig’s own “Frushi”, and a wonderful Filipeno street food called Turon (banana with special sugar mix fried in a spring roll wrapper and with Craig’s added touch of nutella).

Chef Craig says the truck will be at the I&J across from Ingles on Haywood 10 a.m-8 p.m. “Hours may fluctuate a little until we work out the kinks and trends.”


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