If you haven’t been keeping track of the water wars, you need to check out this story of the e-mail war of words between Ashvegas City Council and Buncombe County commissioners.

I know most of these folks, at least as an aquaintance, so it’s kind of sad to see them calling each other “pea-brain” and threatening to take each other out. You’ve really got to read the e-mails.

See Brownie threaten to take down a couple of state lawmakers. See Dunn use his laser wit. Watch Mumpower hypnotize.

The Power of Mum is the one I don’t understand. He’s totally gone off the deep end, and true to the Power of Mum, he has said he doesn’t even want to talk about any water negotiations with the county. What a nut! And he wants to be mayor?

So far, the commish are killing the councilmen on the pr front. It ain’t even close. Don’t know who will win the legal war, but the politricks sure are fun to watch.


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