new_belgium_brewhouse_tanks_2014Here’s the press release. More details coming.

New Belgium Brewing’s Brewhouse vessels start rolling into their new home on Craven Street in Asheville, NC, the second week in January. New Belgium’s 200 hectoliter Brewhouse system departed from GEA Brewery Systems (GEA) in Kitzingen, Germany in mid-November to arrive to the NC State Ports Authority in Wilmington, NC by mid-December. Once the vessels arrive on the site, they will be set into their new home over a period of weeks. Three of the vessels are oversized, requiring rolling road closures and special routing through NC Department of Transportation. Routing will be shared when finalized by NC DOT.

“The on time arrival and delivery of our vessels is testament to having strong, competent brewing, construction and community partners,” said Jay Richardson, New Belgium Asheville General Manager. “We are incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a team that is making extraordinary efforts throughout this process. We will be thoughtful and intentional about the delivery of our vessels and appreciate the patience of those along the route.”

Through the month of January, GEA will be on site installing Brewhouse vessels and tanks, which will arrive via truck to the Craven Street location. Routing will be shared once finalized. The largest of the shipments, arriving the second week in January, includes the lauter tun which is nearly 22’ long x 22’ wide x 15’ high, within its shipping crate. The lauter tun acts as a giant strainer, separating the liquid wort from the grain solids from the mashing process. The whirlpool and hot water tank are also oversized and arriving the second week of January, requiring special routing through NC DOT. Other smaller Brewhouse tanks, including the mash tun and wort boiling kettle, will arrive by flatbed truck with no special routing throughout January.

“This is a real milestone in the process of building our east coast home and an exciting way to kick off

2015,” said Alex Dwoinen, Brewing Manager. “We’re grateful to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the NC State Ports Authority, and the districts along the route for their help in the vessel transportation.”

Fermentation vessels and bright tanks, which are up to 75’ tall, will arrive in spring 2015. A bright tank is where the beer is stored before packaging. Additional information will be provided closer to that time.

New Belgium will be brewing beer in Asheville by the end of 2015.


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  1. Keep us posted, I want to see these things rolling into town!!

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