Loyal reader Jeff delivered a great update on Wicked Weed Brewing’s plans to open a new craft brewery in a building on Biltmore Avenue next to the Orange Peel. I had reported that Wicked Weed was planning to build an addition and was on the city of Asheville’s Planning and Zoning Commission agenda.

Jeff’s update:

In a presentation to the Downtown Commission on Friday morning, the designers showed their amended Wicked Weed plan to have NO addition to the building, thereby eliminating a need for a P&Z variance. They will have to go before the tree commission though.

It’s a neat looking plan and I’m sure it’ll make a nice pre-concert stop for Orange Peel music fans. It’s got a gas outdoor fire pit too.

One thing that I wonder about is are there underground gas tanks there? How will these new trees take root if they don’t dig up the whole place and get the gas tanks out? It was asked at a Downtown Commission meeting a few months ago, but the planners kind of dodged the question or didn’t seem to know.

Anyway, Wicked Weed! I like the sound of that.


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